Progress #4: MY LAST POST!!!!!!!…ohhh & MY MOM:D

5 May


Thanx to my wonderful mommie, I don’t have to dread coming up with my LAST project idea for the semester!!!! This is the picture/e-mail that saved me before the deadline.

“Hey sweetie!

My co-worker was on her way to Connecticut when she passed this truck and thought of you.  I showed her your web-page last week and she thought that you would get a kick out-of-this.  The first thing I asked her was “are you crazy” because she took this picture while she was driving…LOL!!!”


Progress #4: Healing Process………….

5 May

Did you ever wonder how the length of time for how long it takes for the healing process of a wound? Well this is somewhat similiar to waiting for something to download on your computer.

Progress #3: Progress Report

5 May

I think before band-aids are placed on the shelf, they must undergo a series of  test to make sure that their reliable and durable!

Progress #2: Connect the Dots

5 May

As a kid, I always loved completing the connect the dot pictures. Even though sometimes you could make out the picture before connecting the dots it was always a pleasant surprise when I finish. Just going in numerical order was a fun process in itself!

Progress #1: The Krusty Krab

5 May

After coming home from the war, Mr. Krabs remained in a deep depression until one day, while looking for his father’s will, he found the old shoe box. Inside the bottle was a recipe labelled Quahog Burger. When Krabs cooked it, he found it delectable. He decided to go into business selling it, and built his restaurant by renovating the local (failing) retirement home, “The Rusty Krab,” which he decided to turn into a restaurant and added a K to the name. The Krusty Krab has come close to going out of business with such rival restaurants as the aforementioned Chum Bucket, Pretty Patties, and The Shell Shack to name but three. The building is also in serious disrepair, as its walls ooze green slime and has seriously faulty wiring. Mr. Krabs idea of renovations is simply putting band-aids on cracks in the walls (this unfortunately doesn’t work too well).

Philosophy #5: Brain Storm

20 Apr

When I think about philosophy I always get a headache because they’re soooo many theorie…its ridiculous. So from my point of view I feel this is what a philosopher daily thought process is.

Philosophy #4

20 Apr

I don’t know….just something creative I thought about:)