nostalgia #3: There’s A Story Behind Every Band-aid…

8 Feb

Behind every band-aid is a scar that tells the story of a brief painful experience in your life…these are just mine.

Diving Board Disaster: While at a pool party, I took a painful fall into the pool while trying to show off in front of a cute boy. I guess I should have known that WET diving boards and running don’t mix…

Bike Race: When I was younger, I always loved to race my bike with other kids around the neighborhood, I just had a hard time staying on my bike…

Bike Race #2: I guess I didn’t learn from the first bike race…

Make-up is Dangerous:…I know…how id I hurt myself putting on make-up??? I’m still trying to figure that out today…

Running Track: Lets just say the 4X1 (four by one) B squad sucks, as well the my teammates!

Bite Me!!: Insects are no good bloodsucking monsters who should go suck a d*** and not my leg!


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