passion #2: Chewing Bandages

16 Feb

Like most people, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat food! Now I’m not a pig or anything but my “Couriousness” allows me to try different things that people normally wouldn’t do.  Now unless I had some strange addiction, I’m probable the first person to chew on a Band-aid (of course checking the warning labels first). I chewed it for about 3minutes and actually was quite surprised about the taste I acquired…It wasn’t bad. It tasted like paper with a strip of cotton. I probably won’t ever do this again, but for the sake of this project…what the hell…


One Response to “passion #2: Chewing Bandages”

  1. ofosud February 24, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

    Lol wow, thats cool i didn’t see that coming. Really creative….. ps we should do a post together 🙂

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