culture #3: #Twitter…Oh My!

22 Feb

Twitter is one of the newest rising social media’s in todays society where you can catch up on the latest gossip and see what friends, family, and celebrities are tweeting about. Trending topics are also a popular thing to do on twitter. It’s when you update a status pertaining a particular topic such as #bandaids (and you can’t forget the “#” symbol). Here are a few tweets I found pertaining to band-aids…

Realtime results for #bandaids

  1. 1dfe5upb_normalOh_ImMorgan I like wearin #bandaids jus for the hell of it.
  2. 167873_10150399097940525_553625524_17131613_3958963_n_normalFreshiesGirl What do you do when ytou cut yourself, but don’t have any #bandaids ?
  3. Dscn0672_normaljamieobarr Blehhh #carwreck. Lady hit my side mirror smashing it. Luckily my window was down. #bandaids anyone?
  4. Jijhiyu8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888_normalMiMi__G #BANDAIDS
  5. Chill_man_chillllz_normalDanielaKCK no #bandaids ??
  6. Buck_50_300_normalDollaBillz561 i want alot of #money and alot of #Bitches / Leave u wit alot of #Bandaids & alotta #Stitches
  7. Img_3636_normalguyambrosio OTT should trade Leclaire for DiPietro and a bag of pucks #bandaids #designersieves
  8. Avatar1_normalstephenTpeel i am notorious for picking scabs. #impatient#bandaids
  9. 168035_500999977342_509927342_6693230_1130490_n_normaltpalmer13 #Bandaids



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