culture #5: Are Band-Aids Racist???

23 Feb

In our culture, racism has probably existed since life has been around.  But are we starting to experience racism through products as simple as a Band-aid??? They say band-aids are designed for flesh toned (nude), but its not really nude tones of black or white, so who’s skin tone are they referring too?  Well no worries, after a few comments and concerns, band-aids now come in a variety of colors that suite almost any skin-tone.  And if your still not satisfied wear a clear one or just don’t wear one at all. SIMPLE!


One Response to “culture #5: Are Band-Aids Racist???”

  1. Lindsey J February 25, 2011 at 5:49 pm #

    I thought this same exact thing in my first post- though mine was geared towards girls with bad spray tans.. interesting!

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