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time #5: Spring Break or Band-aids…

9 Mar

In between all this time thinking about band-aid and how they pertain to time…I just can’t seem to concentrate because ALL I keep thinking about is…


And speaking of spring break there’s exactly

till MY spring break officially begins!!!  So with that said, hopefully I get a week off without having to think about band-aids!


time#4: How long…

9 Mar

I was always curious to see how long it take the average person to put on a band-aid…Well I tested this task to see how long I take to put on a band-aid. I did 3 trials then calculated the average time.

Trial 1: 16.50 seconds

Trial 2: 15.70 seconds

Trial 3: 15.20 seconds

Average: 15.80 seconds

Even though  this may be the case, these results may vary among different people. I just thought it was something interesting to try.

time#3: Thumbless!

9 Mar

So I always wondered how important my thumbs were and if I didn’t have them, what tasks would make life more complicated. Sooooo I attempted to put a band-aid on without using my thumbs!  Lemme tell you….VERY FRUSTUATING & time consuming.  So I challenge you to try putting a band-aid on starting from taking it out the box, WITHOUT using your thumbs, and to beat my time of 3:05….GO!

time #2: And the Winner Is…

8 Mar

When I think about time, I think about a time frame over a certain numbers of days, years, months, seconds, etc.  So last week, I randomly place 5 band-aids around my dorm complex.  A purple band-aid along the buttons of the elevator, a orange band-aid across someones mailbox, a green band-aid on the ground, a yellow band-aid on someones door, and a blue band-aid in my kitchen sink.  My whole purpose was to see which band-aid would last longer among the different settings they were placed in.  I couldn’t exactly track each second the band-aids were removed, but after a week, I checked to see which all band-aids were left.  And the winner is…

THE GREEN BAND-AID,  which was the last band-aid standing! Good Job!

time #1: Flavor Flaaaaaaaaaav!!!!

7 Mar

I think the picture pretty self-explainatory:D

Social #3: Classroom Discussion

2 Mar

So funny thing happened in class today…well not funny at the time but here it is….

I was in my Mass Communications 101 class and we were starting Chapter 7 which was all about “social” networks:) Anyway, our teacher asked us by a show of hands, how many of us have blogs. In response, I raised my hand. She then asked what we blogged about? A few people started shouting their responses. I hesitated at first, then shouted “BAND-AIDS”! She first gave me a puzzled look, then repeated, “band-aids”? By this time the whole class began laughing and I began blushing. 5 minutes later, I got my things and left class. I blame Scott and Will for my complete embarrassment!

Social #2: Word of Mouth

2 Mar

So this weeks directive is “Social”, and what better way of showing that then have a conversation about the evolution of band-aids! You will find this quite interesting as did I:)

Jasmine: So Kobie let’s talk about band-aids!

Kobie: What about band-aids?

Jasmine: I don’t know, you tell me…

Kobie: Your the one thats asking the question, so why are you the one asking  “you tell me”…?

Jasmine: OK!

Kobie: I know their used to heal people…

Jasmine: Mhmmm….who cares if they heal people, yea thats common knowledge, BUT lets have a full blown debate about band-aids

Kobie: …..Ok lets go

Jasmine: Ok, you start

Kobie: You want to start the debate, so what’s the topic?

Jasmine: BAND-AIDS!!!

Kobie: How are we talking about band-aids…how are we debating about band-aids???

Jasmine: I DON’T KNOW…

Kobie: Your the one who sparked up the conversation, now your asking me to debate about something, I only have one knowledge of knowing that it heals and used as a healing device, that it was created around the 1930’s or 40’s probably, I’m not exactly sure–

Jasmine: Ok ok, ur missing the whole point

Kobie: Nooo actually band-aids, big band-aids actually used in like all war periods, like you know, going back past, you know the B.C.’s, before Christ

Jasmine: The B.C.’s past the B.C.’s…LMAO! (laughing my a** off!)

Kobie: Anyway…somtime in that area

Jasmine: (still laughing)…sorry that was cute

Kobie: And you know you tie it up with leaves–or whatever they used, that was basically–

Jasmine: WHAT???????

Kobie: You can tie your wound up with leaves–

Jasmine: They had tape back then!

Kobie: Ok so they had tape in 700 B.C. Jasmine?

Jasmine: Hahahaha…no

Kobie: So what the f*** are you talking about–

Jasmine: –They didn’t have band-aids back in the B.C.’s Kobie…

Kobie: Im telling you the first type of band-aids was

Jasmine: Noooo it was not

Kobie: A band-aid is used to stop the bleeding and start healing

Jasmine: They had some kind of cloth that they wrapped around…(I began to ramble ALOT!)


Kobie: Ok so your talking around the 1800’s when they used cotton, started using the cotton, you know the cotton gin or probably around the 1700’s

Jasmine: …the cotton gin!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Jasmine/Kobie: …..hahahahahahaha!

Kobie: Anyway look…

Jasmine/Kobie: hahahahahaha!

Kobie: Anyway what I was talking about was the leaves–

Jasmine: Bahahahaha!

Kobie: I’m saying, back in the day, they didn’t have wraps, cloth wraps, made out of cotton

Jasmine: Hahahahaha!

Kobie: Back in the woods, they used leaves and sticks, you know,  stems off the sticks and wrapped them around their wounds to stop the bleeding–

Jasmine: Alright Kobie, I’ve never heard of that before

Kobie: I’m just saying that’s where it probably evolved into a band-aid, I’m just telling you the evolution process

Jasmine: Thank you, I didn’t even know that, baby your so smart!