time #2: And the Winner Is…

8 Mar

When I think about time, I think about a time frame over a certain numbers of days, years, months, seconds, etc.  So last week, I randomly place 5 band-aids around my dorm complex.  A purple band-aid along the buttons of the elevator, a orange band-aid across someones mailbox, a green band-aid on the ground, a yellow band-aid on someones door, and a blue band-aid in my kitchen sink.  My whole purpose was to see which band-aid would last longer among the different settings they were placed in.  I couldn’t exactly track each second the band-aids were removed, but after a week, I checked to see which all band-aids were left.  And the winner is…

THE GREEN BAND-AID,  which was the last band-aid standing! Good Job!


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